Acerola jelly with pepper recipe

Acerola jelly with pepper recipe

As soon as spring arrives, it's time to prepare recipes with acerola! One of the tastiest suggestions is this recipe for acerola jelly with dedo-de-mo├ža pepper, very easy to make and that sells several small bottles. Prepare to accompany cookies for afternoon tea or offer to that family member or friend you know loves acerola. Check out the detailed step by step of this acerola recipe that I share on specialfood and try it out!

Ingredients for making acerola jelly with pepper:

 1 kilogram of acerola

 400 grams of sugar (2½ cups)

 6 units of finger pepper

How to make acerola jelly with pepper:

To make this acerola jelly, start by placing the acerola and sugar in a pan. Cook over medium-low heat until the fruit melts and is very soft.

Tip: Use very ripe acerola so that your jelly is very red.

Pass the mixture through a sieve, to filter the seeds from the acerola, and return with the pulp to the pan. Add the seedless and finely chopped peppers and cook over low heat for 1 hour or until thickened the way you like it.

After the previous step your acerola jelly with pepper is ready! Place while still warm in tightly closed sterilized jars and store in a dark place.

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Tip: This jelly lasts several months after it's closed, so it's worth making a large quantity and savoring it throughout the year!

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